Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

note about love

Love is like butterfly
Chase it, and it will runs away
But if you let it flies
It will come to you when you least expect it

Love can give you happiness, but most of the time,
But love will worth it if it is given to someone who can appreciate it
So dont rush, and chose the best.

Love, is not how to be perfect for someone
But, how to find someone who can help you to be your self

Never say i love you if you really dont mean it
Never touch someone's life if it will only crush her heart
Never look her in the eyes if all you do is lie

The meanest thing a person can do to someone is,
to let her fall in love while you dont intend to catch it

Love is not "its your fault" but "i'm sorry"
its not "where r you?" but "i'm here"
its not "whats wrong with you?" but "i understand"
its not "i wish you were different" but "i love you just the way you are"

the right compability is not seen based on how long you've been together or how often
but, when you were together, do you fill each others life and make a quality life?

sadness and longing-ness only felt as long as you want it
and hurt as deep as you allow it
the toughest thing is not the way to lose the feeling
but, how to learn from them.

the way to fall in love,
fall but dont stumble
consistent, but dont be pushy
share, but dont be unfair
understand and try not to demand
sad, but never keep the sadness

its hurt to see someone that you love happy with someone else
but, it'll hurt more when the person that you love doesn't feel happy with you

love will be painful when you separate him with someone
more painful when you are forgotten by your loved one
but love will be more painful again when someone that you love doesn't really know what you feel

the sad thing in this life,
is find someone and fall in love just to find that he's not the one for you
and you're wasted so many time for someone who cant appreciate it

if he's not worth it now
he will never be worth it in a year or in ten years..
so, if he's not appreciate you
let him go and
love someone else that loving you

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